• Unleashing The Power of the panorama Part II - Provides some practical tips on how you can easily obtain birds-eye aerial views and truly unleash the power of the panorama. Article encourages land surveyors to explore using partial and full 360° panoramas for documenting their works as well as actually making quantifiable measurements and mapping visible objects. (by Jim Sutherland March 2008)   
  • Unleashing The Power of the panorama Part I - Article provides a brief history of panorama paintings and photographs that highlight the modern trends of using navigable panoramas on the major on-line mapping sites that provides user with a much more immersive real-world viewing experience than conventional web maps. (by Jim Sutherland December 2007)
  • VRMapper GUI Design Using uDig Framework - Outline of VRMapper Draft thoughts on Requirements Design, Workflow, GUI Design and Use Cases Using the Open Source Framework User Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig) (by Jim Sutherland 2007)
  • Dispelling the Myths About Open Source Software - This article provides a brief overview of the benefits of open source software, tries to demonstrate the power of community software development and attempts to dispel some common myths about open source projects. (by Jim Sutherland 2007)



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