VRMapper Vision

The all in one photographic surveying, mapping and visualization system.

Traditionally, large scale maps are made from collecting abstract survey measurements with an expensive survey instrument that requires two or more highly trained people. The process is slow, the users may miss capturing critical information, there may be a blunder in the data, the data requires resource intensive post processing and the final map making is slow and tedious to compile and is non-interactive.

Imagine the policeman, architect, environmental engineer, archaeologist, or any other resource specialist quickly capturing 360 degree birds-eye aerial panorama views of their field-space knowing that they have visually captured an image scene that can be easily displayed to make critical quantifiable measurements or even create a full interactive map. VRMapper provides these users with a comprehensive photographic surveying, mapping and visualization system that is inexpensive, fast and easy to use. VRMapper users do not have to make a large initial capital outlay or take extensive training. They are able to do the field-work in a fraction of the time with one person, enjoy the benefit of visually creating their map at any time and be able to interactively analyze the scene from a unique birds-eye aerial perspective.

The goal of VRMapper is to create an active community that is interested in sharing ideas about creating photo survey image capture tools, developing/enhancing methods/processes for deriving coordinates and elevations for photo survey networks, visually mapping objects from panorama images and finally creating/enhancing visualiztion tools to showcase the resulting maps and imagery.  The intent is to inspire the average community user to use the initial tools developed by VRMapper to document and map critical objects and provide unique birds-eye aerial perspectives to enhance the scene visualization and mapping of their specific application work.  As the panorama community has a wealth of experience, expertise and is very creative, I hope many new ideas and improvements will flourish so the tools are improved and enhanced over time to become an even more powerful, robust and practical measuring, mapping and visualization system.

VRMapper has developed some initial photo survey tools that are very practical and easy to use.  We are also developing some phase one processing tools that allow a user to validate their measuring system, create input files to run Gama least square adjustments for photo survey networks, perform simple survey calculations and input direction observations from panorama's to determine the position of visible objects. See Tools for more information.




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