VRMapper Operations Manual

This operation manual outlines basic methods for capturing photo survey networks, performing a horizontal and vertical least square adjustment of photo survey observations, how to validate the laser ranger platform and provides details on how to map/measure visible objects using panorama images.  I recommend that you read Unleashing The Power Of The Panorama - Part II for a general overview of the VRMapper process.  (please note that this part is under construction and is presented as a draft outline at this time. If there is community interest, it may be best to migrate this part to a wiki).

Panorama Photography Processes
Why Photo Survey Networks
Outside Birds-eye Aerial Views
Quickstep Overview of VRMapper Process
Photo Survey Network Design
2 point panorama baseline
3 or more point panorama network
Using buildings to control a photo survey network
Using indoor walls to help a control survey network
Sample Photo Survey Network
Survey Observations
laser ranger validation
relative directions from panorama's
Adjustment of Photo Survey Network Observations
Gama Least Square Adjustment (Resource Centre)
Slope distance and elevation difference reductions
1D Vertical adjustment
sample XMLinput file
sample adjustment file
quick step instructions
2D horizontal adjustment of photo survey network
Analysis of adjustment
Mapping objects from photo survey networks


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