Faq's - Why use VRMapper

  • VRMapper is an inexpensive, fast and easy to use photographic surveying and mapping and visualization system
  • Quickly document a whole image scene
  • Make critical measurements in the field and latently measure and map visible objects from immersive panorama's back in the office
  • delivers accurate and quantifiable results
  • system is portable and can be deployed by one person
  • imagery provides unique birds-eye aerial views
  • system can capture full 360 degree birds-eye panorama's
  • latently make scene measurements anytime after the image capture
  • visually map objects and analyse image details
  • much faster and less expensive than conventional survey systems
  • much less training than conventional survey systems
  • much lower initial capital cost and operating expense compared to conventional survey systems
  • VRMapper can be used with inexpensive prosumer level digital cameras
  • user controls scale within the photo survey network using the VRMapper laser ranger platform
  • user controls photo network design to map a specific image space
  • derive accurate elevation differences and adjust network results using least square adjustment methods
  • derive coordinates from least square adjustment



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