VRMapper Applications

VRMapper provides some unique tools for capturing birds-eye aerial panoramic imagery and full photo survey networks for documenting and mapping scenes - a photographic surveying system.  My hope is that you will experiment with using panorama's within your application environment or area of interest and share your findings. As there are so many creative and talented people in the panorama community, I believe that sharing ideas and experiences will lead to robust and practical solutions for image scene capture, object mapping and scene visualization.  There are a myriad of applications - a few are listed below. 

* accident or crime scene documentation and forensic mapping
* scientific studies/research (eg. archaelogy, forestry, engineering, surveying)
* environmental sensitive areas
* resource surveys
* hazardous waste sites
* development planning/design
* site analysis
* real property visualization
* Cave mapping
* Integration with GIS and Mapping platforms


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