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VRMapper is a photographic surveying, mapping and visualization system that enables the hobbyist, engineer, land surveyor, resource specialist or any other user to capture a network of 360 degree birds-eye aerial panorama's to visually document a scene and make critical measurements onsite (or latently). VRMapper provides free software and various hardware tools to make the process fast, easy and inexpensive.

VRMapper hardware tools include the VRMapper laser ranger platform to provide accurate scale, adaptors to mount camera's to various types of telescoping poles, GPS/Compass platform with a bulls-eye bubble to ensure the telescoping poles are truly vertical, indoor and outdoor photo survey targets and a basic panorama camera mount..

VRMapper software tools enable users to visually map objects from two or more intervisible 360 degree panorama's. The first phase is a set of spreadsheets that allows the user to validate the measuring system, perform survey calculations and derive coordinates of visible objects within two panorama's.  The second phase is to enhance the object mapping tool using a web interface, and to enhance the tools to perform a vertical and horizontal least square adjutment of photo survey networks. The third phase objective is to create a community of interest to develop a robust open source plug-in using the User Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig) to immersively view multiple panorama's, to adjust photo survey networks (using Gama open source least square adjustment) and to map objects using the full GIS functionality of the uDig framework.

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